“My totem is the humming bird.” says Marie-Paule. “I look for the essence of a subject and bring up what is in my mind its dominant feature, at times bright and fanciful, other times peaceful and contemplative.”


Marie-Paule is a mostly self-taught artist, living in Canada. Although she first studied directing, acting, costume design, stage photography, as well as ballet and modern dance at the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff (Wales), her true passion is for the visual arts, or “images”. She uses digital photography, acrylics and mixed media to create contemporary works of art inspired by nature, textures, colour-combinations or any strong visual impressions. Her paintings belong to private collections in the United Kingdom, France, Mexico and Canada.


A keen observer, Marie-Paule recalls an impression or an emotion to explore a theme that may constitute the next work of art. When painting, or manipulating digital photography, she likes to explore geometrical designs, composition and juxtaposition of colours to enhance a visual dominance in the picture. It can be the texture of an old wall, the reflection of water or sky, the silhouette of a man-made object or an element of nature against an abstract or semi-abstract background.


  • 1st 2014 Artslant Showcase Winner
  • 1st 2014 Artslant Showcase Winner
  • 2nd 2011 Artslant Showcase Winner
  • 3rd 2010 Artslant Showcase Winner
  • November 2009 Artslant Showcase Winner


  • Art Credo Annual Juried Exhibition from 1999 to 2019
  • Woven Juried Exhibition at Almonte Textile Museum
  • Every Day Patterns Juried Exhibition at Gallery Perth
  • D’OMMA Volunteer Shows
  • D’OMMA January – February 2014 Show
  • Proverbs Juried Show – Centrepointe Theatre Gallery – January – February 2014

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